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John Dunne wrote that “No man is an island.”

But in truth, I am an island; I can sense only myself. I cannot shed my skin and become another person. I cannot sense what others sense, feel what they feel, dream what they dream.

My images are my way of imagining myself in the skins of others.

My lens is my ally in this effort, capturing moments of revelation, moments of truth, moments in which I see in others those things I sense or hope to sense in myself.

Only through my images can I imagine leaving my island for the islands that others inhabit.

My photographs are invitations, to myself and to the viewer, to ask what is going on in another mind, what emotions are being felt, what truths are being perceived. I capture them wherever I go, at home or abroad, and I reduce them to the simplest black and white to eliminate everything except the essence of the person I seek to understand. My hope is that by leading my viewers and myself to think deeply about others, my images will bring about a deeper level of understanding.
EnigmaDreamerThe Secret KeeperMoab ManThe SkepticBreak TimePerceptiveSri Lanka ShopkeeperWoman with BasketStubbleChapoIn ReposeSukanyaThe SmokerHappy FamilyUncomfortable CompanionsTwo SistersPetite Madonna