I loved the abstract photography sessions you have made. The richness of the color and angle by which you have set the frames are so brilliant and it did reflect on the perfection of those frames too.
Cheryl D'Amato(non-registered)
Nathan, your work is FANTASTIC. I was blown away with the quality, purity of color and uniqueness of your images. I'm so glad you sent me your website address.
Stephanie Tate(non-registered)
Nat I have just been enjoying your wonderful photographs from you last trip. They are just fabulous. I am looking forward to a commentary with the slide show . I hope to get down for a couple of days this winter. Much Love, Your Cousin
Ruth Kroon(non-registered)
WOW. Very beautiful selection - an inspiration for my sporadic attempts..
Sharron Ronco(non-registered)
These are fabulous, Nat. Glad that Marge sent me your website. You are an inspiration!
Eileen Casassa(non-registered)
You have taken me on a wonderful trip, seeing the world through your eyes. Thank you Nat!
alessa und peter lawrence(non-registered)
greatings from germany...i am very glad to see this photos.....and i am looking to the picures the are come soon from norway....alessa
Sheila and Frank Peterson(non-registered)
Gorgeous, Nat. Your eye has truly captured the beauty of the world around us. I feel so privileged to have one of your works. Thank you for sharing it with us. Sheila and Frank
Carol Kappel(non-registered)
I am VERY impressed.
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